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I need a break
From us
It's not you at all, it's me
Distance is like poison
Penetrating into a persons veins
It kills; it slowly strangles one
Until they have no other choice
But to take a break
I'm breaking inside

I wish you were here
Beside me
I wish you would take my wrist
And kiss it
And tell me Im beautiful
Even on days where I have my doubts
I'm breaking inside

I wished I was stronger
I wished I always knew what to say
But Im imperfect
I'm breaking inside
And you don't even realize it
I don't want you to

I want you to date someone closer
That's not me
You say you love me
But do we even know?
Does our society even no anymore?
What love really is
I'm breaking
On the verge of being broken

I want to be with you all the time
But there's something
That object
Telling me that our relationship
Will never become anything more
Than it already is

People are sometimes stupid
They don't understand
That what we have is something intimate
That cannot be
Suddenly ripped out of your hands
I'm broken
Out of choices
And at a loss for words

Chapter 2 Of My Life: Unsolved Issues

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Story 1 Of My Life: Unsolved Issues

Everyone has unsolved issues, whether they realize it or not they do. Its not something that we can just hide from or erase, they are there until we solve them or let them get worse. My mom adopted me when I was 9 and kicked me out when I was 15. She didn't really know who she was after her and my dad got divorced, there was a lot of abuse and neglect that went on during their marriage - whether she'll admit to it or not I know because I was the one listening to her muffled screams for help while my dad slammed her head into a wall or hit her constantly. My parents both used to be Pastors, or at least my mom used to be until she got into an abusive relationship with a lady who was a prostitute - named Noella. If you think Im making this up, then stop reading. I dont care what you believe, all I know is I would never waste my time writing crap like this if it wasn't true. Anyways, I remember all the times when Noella either hit my mom or called her down, pushed her into walls, threatened to kill her. I was scared and didnt want to tell anyone about it but I knew that I had to. Except I waited until after me, mom and my brothers ran away from her and moved to a different province where we were safe but Il save that for the next chapter I guess


He grew up just a little too fast
Lost and needs its on his past
I can hear him humming from the other side of the room
Guess hes got rhythm
'Cuz he hums every time he's blue
Radio, bleed me a melody
That'll make this boy cry
Radio, bleed me a melody
That'll make him wonder why
He was so cold
Play him a song that reminds him of when he wasn't tumbling down


Tears fall from your face
And all I want to do is wipe them away
and hold you close in my arms

You've had a hard life, no doubt
And a horrible day
You kind of want to give up your life;

But dont - because theres
always a way
To live in happiness;
And get healing for your broken heart

"Don't stop believing"
That I love you more than words;
Can ever express
I'm here for you

So let me wipe away your tears
And give me your broken heart aswell;
"Till death do us part"
My heart exchanged for yours

Now you'll never be blinded from
truth and deep love again:

You wont have to fall asleep
With your tears and fears anymore....
Because I'm here for you all the way

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