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I need a break
From us
It's not you at all, it's me
Distance is like poison
Penetrating into a persons veins
It kills; it slowly strangles one
Until they have no other choice
But to take a break
I'm breaking inside

I wish you were here
Beside me
I wish you would take my wrist
And kiss it
And tell me Im beautiful
Even on days where I have my doubts
I'm breaking inside

I wished I was stronger
I wished I always knew what to say
But Im imperfect
I'm breaking inside
And you don't even realize it
I don't want you to

I want you to date someone closer
That's not me
You say you love me
But do we even know?
Does our society even no anymore?
What love really is
I'm breaking
On the verge of being broken

I want to be with you all the time
But there's something
That object
Telling me that our relationship
Will never become anything more
Than it already is

People are sometimes stupid
They don't understand
That what we have is something intimate
That cannot be
Suddenly ripped out of your hands
I'm broken
Out of choices
And at a loss for words

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